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  • Address: Room.1211,GuanLiDa Building (Noble Plaza) , QianJin 1st Road,BaoAn District518101,China 
  • Tel:      +86-755-8980 0539 
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     EMToni (Shenzhen)Co., Ltd.  combine the reliability technical consult-

ation and test instrument trade、design and maufacture various advantages

for an organic whole. Professional service in the EMC and reliability  testing

environment field.

        EMToni (Shenzhen)Co., Ltd. is the joint venture of Italy Angelantoni(   

Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. The Angelantoni has more than ten years experience  

in the reliability testing high-end services field.

        At present,we can provide for the customer the EMC test system with

one-stop solution ,throught cooperation with domestic and overseas excell-

ent equipment and testing system suppliers,Expanding the domestic custo-

mer,meet the demand of the market,to provide users with excellent test te

chnologies and services.

        Depend on the high quality test equipment、rich experience technician,

we can not only provide users the enterprise internal touch bottom pretest sy-

stem and economic、feasible EMC test plan but also can meet all the latest-

standard of National Laboratory and different user’s test demand.

        The bridge which were made of high quality 、reliability product and eco
-nomic price will become the unblocked link between EMToni and  customer.  
         We are established in honesty、excellence technical and service priori-
ty business practice and insist on implement “Customer Focused”strateg
        Development、progress and share success together with customer! ~

Contact Information

Address:  Room.1211,GuanLiDa Building (Noble Plaza) , QianJin 1st Road,BaoAn District518101,China

Tel:      +86-755-8980 0539 

Fax:     +86-755-8617 6994




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